Body Lifting in Tunisia
Buttocks Lifting

Deformations of the buttocks can be analyzed like breasts. They may be too big, too big and drooping, of normal size and drooping, flat, or flat and then falling


Large buttocks or drooping ones

If buttocks are simply too large, it means that body fat is enlarged. In the long run with gravity, this mass pulling the skin down creates excess skin which is reflected in a fold under the buttocks. As for the breasts, one can hold a pencil under the buttock blocking it.

Some women on the buttocks of normal volume also present in the gluteal fold, which is excess skin. By pulling the buttocks upwards, everything returns to normal except that this action is surgically feasible at the cost of terrible scars. We can only do a resection of a crescent of skin under the buttocks.

Flat buttocks or drooping ones

Some women have no ass, they are flat, without excess skin. There is no fat in this area whose roundness is essentially constituted by fatty tissue. The extreme deformation is flat and drooping buttocks who have two unsightly flaws. No volume and excess skin.

Plasty of buttocks

If the buttock is simply too large, the fat is removed by liposuction. It must suck the upper and middle being careful in the lower part, to not cause a surgically buttock drooping. If the buttock is falling, resection of excess skin leaves a scar in the gluteal fold, under the buttock that does not fall over. It must not exceed outside the fold of the buttock because it is more hidden and therefore always visible.

Finally to increase the volume of the buttock, as for the breasts, it is necessary to establish a gluteal implant. The incision is made in the inter-gluteal fold or in the fold under the buttocks if you need to remove the skin at the same time. The gluteal or buttock implants are not the same as breast implants. The silicone gel is firmer, the walls are thicker and smoother. They are positioned under the gluteus maximus.

Shapes and sizes are different. Buttock implants are currently reserved for women whose buttocks are really flat while in Brazil patients require volume increases on normal buttocks.


Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia - Lifting the buttocks
Before the procedure
Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia - Lifting the buttocks
After the procedure


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